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Calibishie and Dominica

Welcome to Calibishie, Dominica.

One of the most beautiful, unspoiled islands in the Caribbean. Nestled between two French islands, Guadeloupe and Martinique, this English speaking island will simply take your breath away. Filled with an abundance of natural wonders and warm, friendly people. Mother Nature truly worked her magic here.

Bay View is situated in the small picturesque village of Calibishie, Dominica. Just a 20 minute drive from Melville Hall Airport, Calibishie is a small charming village offering amenities such as local grocery stores and a number of bars and restaurants. It also boasts to have the most stunning sandy beaches on the island.

Whether you choose to discover the island by one of Dominica's many hiking trails, diving expeditions or activities, too many to mention, or simply sit back and relax on one of our secluded beaches and soak in the most amazing views, there is no doubt you will visit us and Dominica again.

About Dominica:

Dominica is a relatively small island of 290 square miles, however, due to the rugged terrain the exploration of it will take you longer than anticipated. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is packed full of natural, amazing things to do, the list is endless. 

Calibishie is situated on the North East side of the island approximately 2 hours away from the capital city Roseau which is a magnet for cruise ships and shopping.  The North and North East is too far for cruise ship tourists on a tight time schedule to trouble with and is blessed with sandy beaches (thankfully not greatly publicized), waterfalls, hiking trails and many breath taking spots.   

Dominica can only be accessed by small flights, the island has been kept a secret due to the lack of an International airport.  Flights run daily from San Juan and from Antigua.  Flights and ferries from neighboring islands can easily be arranged too.

You can explore the island by vehicle with excellent hire companies based at the airport for easy accessibility.  I would recommend a 4x4 as you can go off the beaten track and see some real amazing sites.  Vehicles are available at If you choose not to drive then simply hop on a local bus which operates around the island.

The currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollars but American Dollars are welcome too.  There are a few cash point (ATM) machines mainly in Roseau, two in Portsmouth (North) and one in Calibishie itself.

Weather in the North East can vary from glorious sunshine to a refreshing rain shower.  Sun screen is highly recommended and a few squirts of insect repellent will keep the bugs away, although not a great problem on this side of the island as the trade winds provide a breeze which is welcomed during the evenings and night time.

If you are looking for an all inclusive resort then I am afraid you will be disappointed but if you are looking for an adventure packed experience in natural surroundings then you will simply love Dominica. Just ensure you take time to relax in between your adventures by taking the afternoon off at the beach or indulging yourself with a spa.